TFC meets together regularly in smaller groups we call Care Groups.  We meet in the homes of people that attend TFC.  The purpose for these groups is to build relationships, both with the Lord and with each other.  Also, we dig deeper into the Bible, pray with each other and encourage one another to live a Christ centered life. Please contact the office for directions on how to get to these care groups.  Everyone is welcome!



Jones care group

This care group is taught by Larry Jones and meets on Thursday night @ 7:00 pm.  It is hosted by Bob and Barb Hess

Burstedt group

This group is taught by Jack Burstedt and meets on Wednesday night @  7:00 pm.  It is hosted by Betty Sanders.

Young adults group

This group is taught and hosted by Dan Pearson and meets on Wednesday night @ 7:00 pm.  This group is for ages 18-35.